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Bolt Intent

Long Time

Hey to everyone who reads my journal. It sure has been a long time since I've posted. It's a bit of distractions, but mostly me forgetting. I've commissioned Animecat to work on my fursona, and it was coming along very well. She took her time making sure it was her best. So far it's been over 3 months. I know she's busy with 10-15 other commissions (possibly more).

Unfortunately, [info]animecat has had a death in her family, so I would like to send my condolences.

As some of you may know, a couple of months ago I had an accident in gymnastics and spent a week at the hospital. I've recovered, but they have me on Coumadin (a blood thinner) since I had a mild stroke. There are no lasting effects, thank gosh. But I was left with some $1000 in doctors bills that were not covered by my insurance.

My finances are starting to pick up again. Barring any other circumstances, I am hoping to have my commission done within a month or so. My mom will be helping me put a fursuit together when we get the funds. Probably will be around Halloween or so. Would be very nice to wear a fursuit to work since the past winners have not been that sophisticated.

I'm also planning on writing a second book. My first is out of print. It was a Sci-Fi fantasy novel. My next book will be nonfiction, and though I didn't get to it today, I'll hopefully get some writing done over the weekend. Other that that, life's been pretty good. At least I've had a little time for meditation and some inward seeking. I can really enjoy it when I see my inner child as my fursona. And what Animecat has done so far is impressive. I will post later when she finishes.

Hope you all are having a great day.


You better send me pictures of the fursuit! My friend wants to make me one by october for an anime convention. I'm glad you recovered, hope you continue to do well.



So have you seen Bolt yet?

There's a Bolt community here on LiveJournal.


It's my favorite movie.

Re: Bolt

Yeah, I've seen it. It was a rollercoaster of emotions but I enjoyed it. How have you been?

Re: Bolt

Been very good. Bolt actually lifted my spirits. I'm going pretty soon to see it for the 4th time. This will be in 3D like my first two. It's just not the same in standard flatness.

I've been drawing Bolt like mad. I'm very, very excited about life in general now.

Re: Bolt

Heheh, awesome. I saw Bolt in 3D when I saw it. I haven't been drawing too much, but I recently finished a tiger.

My mom's girlfriend got me a job as a dog groomer a few months ago, I haven't been working lately though.
Bolt Intent

April 2009

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