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May. 18th, 2008

Bolt Intent

A good "fake" album

I have been meaning to post for some time about an interesting find. 'Tis an album that was supposedly never produced by Enigma, but does have a degree of circulation to it. I don't go looking to collect fake albums, but I wanted this one (I have 5 other Enigma CD's). Because it was supposed to have been affiliated with Enigma, it piqued my interest. Let us start with the album cover. A very good design I must say. Certainly had me fooled, but then again, I'm all for this because the music is so good. But I shall not digress.

Now, I just felt I had to share just four 20-35 second samples of this supposed project. Might have been fan made, I don't know. I was going to use this snazzy web-thingy called AudioGenerator to make nice play buttons for these, but they don't work with Livejournal. And I thought livejournal was supposed to support the <iframe> tag. Anyway, these are in mono, 24kbps which was the supported format for AudioGenerator.

Cang Ding (Track 1): Sample MP3
Close to Heaven (Track 6): Sample MP3
Sunless Sea (Track 7): Sample MP3
Return to Innocence Long & Alive Version (Track 9): Sample MP3

Apr. 16th, 2008

Bolt Intent

Bosnian Bear

I've recently taken an interest over the past week or so about Australian culture and news. I think I know more about the Oz than I do about my own country. But I came across this article in Australian news, which was sad but had a good ending.

Oh, I'll attach the image because it doesn't seem to be on their news detail page. Poor thing, at least it ended good.

Caption says: Mob victim ... Miljen, a Bosnian bear rescued after a life of solitude and near-starvation, is heading for a luxurious retirement in France / AFP

Story Link: http://www.news.com.au/story/0,23599,23548055-1702,00.html

Apr. 15th, 2008

Bolt Intent

Spontaneous Lapses

I just figured I'd post this before it slipped my mind. Two things:

1) Somewhere there must be a train of thought along these lines: It takes only 100 words, said in the right place, at the right time, to make someone a millionaire. This came to me while waiting for my grilled-cheese sandwich. The funny thing is, it's probably right, though I'd venture to guess, even as few as 20 of the right words at an opportune time can do this.

2) My Coke tastes like a video game. Hard to describe, but I just took a drink of a coca-cola in a bottle that's a couple of days old, room temp, and suddenly I get this strong flash in my mind about the Zelda video game I used to play. Now what strange or bizzare neurons I am firing here I'd like to know?

And such are the times when my memory does it's little lapsy thing, but only for a moment.

Apr. 14th, 2008

Bolt Intent

The Legend of the Patchotae People

Quick note: This was the story I spent about 4 hours on Saturday night pondering while I lay in the tent with friends by my side. Only an hour before this I was alone in a tent by myself before I was rescued from my despair. Patchotae is pronounced puh-cho-tay. I tend to tell about things I observe with story. This story is the one I wanted to tell the other furs at the camp, but was too afraid.

The Legend of the Patchotae People

One day a misguided spirit came into the village
and tormented the people in their dreams and thoughts.
This came to the attention of the village elder
who consulted their Great Spirit about which path to take.
The Great Spirit told him to consult the people.

Later that day, a strong man with a spear stood before the elder
and said "I will go and attack this spirit,
for I have a lifetime of strength and skill."
The elder replied "You may go, but for your trouble
you will have great difficulty in your hunting
and in defending against our enemies."

Later still, a lovely young woman came before the elder
and said "I will go captivate and seduce this spirit with my
lifetime of charm and beauty."
The elder replied "You may go, but for your trouble
you will become the object of men, who will take advantage of you."

The next day, a lonely wolf came and stood quietly,
and the elder could intuit, "I will go and be a companion to this spirit,
to just be a friend."
The elder then spoke, "Only you have nothing to lose,
for you have known a lifetime of loneliness. Now go."
And he went.


And spottylogic, I had a story about you come to me that same night if you want me to share.

Apr. 8th, 2008

Bolt Intent

Initial attempts at fursuit

Things are beginning to look up again. Though I have that $380 payment I have to make, I did install ceiling speakers for my boss in her kitchen this past Sunday and netted $350, which was great.

I've also taken an affinity for Australian culture, no doubt because of my interest in Diego (Thanks Blotch :) )->

April 25 is Anzac Day, a big Australian holiday.
Break out the amber fluid.

Well, my mom has been helping me start my fursuit (and no it isn't Diego). This past Sunday nite I was up to about 1am while my mom created a basic form over my head that consisted of:

1. T-shirts to give some spacing.
2. Cardboard cereal boxes cut out
3. Strips of newspaper dipped in flour/water to form a round shape over the cardboard.
4. Celluclay over this which is like paper mache but dries harder.
Now, we thought it would take 30 minutes to dry but Nooo. I had this on my head, aching and all for about 3 hours.
5. We tried then putting plaster of paris on the outside because it dries quickly, but it couldn't because the celluclay does not dry fast at all.

Needless to say we wasted about 4 hours of our life, but it was a learning experience. For those hours, I could feel the weight of 2-5 pounds of wet goop above my head. But it was nice being able to see somewhat how I will when the costume is finished.

So now, I picked up two 25-pound blocks of clay, which my mom will use to form a head, cover in press-n-seal (a sticky glad wrap), and then put the Celluclay on it so it can take 24-48 hours to dry. If need be, we can put the headpiece in the oven at under 190 degrees and it will dry faster.

So far costs to date:

  • Fur fabric sample pack: (12 samples for $1 + 5.09 shipping) = 6.09
  • 2 blocks low fire white clay: $21
  • 12" square felt pieces for the tongue and upper mouth (red and pink): 0.75
  • Bias tape (black tape for the black jowels): $2.00
  • cording (fits inside bias tape to give jowel a thickness): $1.89
  • Celluclay (this stuff goes a LONG way): $21.99

I was amazed at how far the celluclay goes. It comes in a 5-pound compressed block. I took off some into a container about the same size of the block, and probably only reduced the amount by 10%. And to cover the head we are making with it didn't even take all that we had taken out). So total to date including tax (not including gas to run around): $55.92.

The fabric we want is about $16.95 per yard, and we need about 4 yards of one color, and 3 of another. It's going to look sharp.

As for my show off skills, I'm up to 42 catches on juggling 3 clubs, and a 3-second handstand. Both without any sort of consistency at all.

Apr. 4th, 2008

Bolt Intent

I'm hurtin.

 Man, I went from feeling accomplished this morning to down over a phone call. All the creditors and such want their piece of the pie, so I have an unexpected payment I have to make to my Advanta card for $386 which is scheduled. This means there will be a delay in being able to afford to get my taxes done, and hence a delay on any fursuit and convention I want to go to. To top that off, I'll have to pay them $336 each month for the next five years. And I can't even make the $1500 additional monthly payment to satisfy all the other creditors, which is a "negotiated" rate.

So anyone know a company looking to hire a full-time programmer with 5+ years Oracle experience, 2+ years php, 5+ years ColdFusion, MCP certification in Visual Basic 6, and experience in MySQL. I definitely need to make more than $50,000 just to get by (damn $600 truck payment doesn't help either). I have an MBA if that helps. On the upside, I'm up to 42 catches on the clubbies, but it was rather windy so didn't get much done
Blue Nanaki

(no subject)

Even though no one appears to read my journals, I'm going to keep posting because it's a good way of me tracking my progress and how my days are going. As for juggling, this morning I broke my record, with 36 catches, on wet clubs no less. Took me about 15 mins of warming up to get to that point, but I did have a couple of 27 catches. The grass was wet outside from the dew, and I was determined to work at it though they were a bit slippery. I sometimes get frustrated when it's windy, but I know I need to be able to juggle in any situation, esp. if outdoors. I do outdoors because indoors the clubs make a loud thunk when they hit, and inside would feel more closed in and can't launch them as high. 

Wednesday night at the gymnastics, I was so happy that I was able to do a 2 second handstand. The instructor mentions to build my handstand strength, so I'm off to the gym today to practice them.

And yes, I'm a stickler for juvenile humor. That's why I like Anchorman and Will Ferrell's antics. This video was pulled up at the last furry BBQ. It had me rolling, but some may say it's too silly. Well forget them then, I love it.

This is a poem I wrote for my good friend back on 3/24/08. I call it Thorn.

Remember the time when we ventured
among the rifts of sand
on the lonely beach,
when I
caught a thorn in my paw
and yiped and whimpered;
I'm such the baby.
What amazed me was,
that it seemed no time had passed
till you had your first aid kit
by my side, and
come to think of it,
I don’t remember you pulling
the thorn out,
as your visage was muddled
in obscurity.
I discovered then that for me
time stopped when I chose to ignore
the pseudo-reality of the world around
me and
all things move unabated.

Apr. 3rd, 2008

Bolt Intent

(no subject)

I'm at work now before our 9am meeting, just about to get a cup of coffee and thought I'd write this. The fandom has been very good to me, and I like learning from others who have been in the fandom a long time. I think I've been active for maybe 3 weeks. Anyway, I've been working to build certain talents like juggling and gymnastics so I can show off. I'm not really a commedian or storyteller or dancer so I am going these other avenues of entertainment. Then later being able to do gymnastics or juggling in a fursuit is what I'll be striving for. But first the basics.

I can say that my first fursuit might not be my character because he's been so enigmatic lately. Don't know what he looks like still. When he comes through in me, and I start to become FurryBlueNaki, I have this silly response of almost spacing out and going all mushy over talking of plushies and the like. It's really rather interesting.

Before I go further, I wanted to bring about my interest in astronomy. While it is slight, and I don't even have a telescope, the scales of magnitude of the universe really impresses me. I like big open things like fields, and the universe is very open. Here's a video I found a bit ago that shows some interesting sense of scale:

 Anyway, this past Monday I had a date that I took to P.F. Chang's. I'll spare their name, but we both had a good time. I gave some Dr. Suessy looking flowers (I'm not really the traditional rose type), and he (yes I said he), brought his copy of Spice World. We didn't watch too much because it got late and we were rather cuddly with one another, but I'm still pretty happy. Not sure at this time if I want a relationship though.

Oh, and special thanks to spottylogic  for giving me the <PRE> tag I could use to keep my poetry aligned. This poem I call River and was written back on 3/20/08.

My dream fades
     to another memory
     with whispers
     in silence
where a voice tells me to
     visit the river
     that flows between our worlds.
Some call it the Lifestream,
     some, the life force energy;
     that connection between me
               as a human
               as FurryBlueNaki
          (Dear husky)
     I am not afraid to cry aloud
     in the night
     for those I miss who
     have never done me wrong;
     never left me stranded.
And I see this river,
     of it's multiple hues
     shimmering, reflecting
     the radiance of two bodies,
     the warmth of passion
     that I hold for my fursona.
So now,
     (Dear wolf anthro)
     Call to me
     and I will be there
     for I have known pain
     of loneliness, and
     I will traverse the distance,
     the remote stretch of time
     that has disjointed our memory
     of one another.

Mar. 28th, 2008

Bolt Intent

Cubicle Prank

As you may be able to tell from my past postings, I like the occasional humor. Actors like Will Ferrell and Jim Carrey make my day sometimes. Anyway, found this video some time ago but just located the link again. Very clever stuff.

 Last night I hung out a bit with Harleypup, and am looking forward to the BBQ we will be having at his place this upcoming Saturday. We're all waiting anxiously on him to receive his husky fursuit, which might just make him the first fursuiter in San Antonio. Not much else other than that. Oh, and matrices has posted the cutest little sketch in her journal today.

Here's a poem I call Wolf Inside. It was written back on 3/19/08. I wrote this for a fur friend, who had another fur send him a wolf drawing that was very nice. Sometimes when I look at things, I see more than just an image. It evokes almost a whole world in me.

A friend of mine, one day
gave me insight into my
attitude on things.
Without telling me,
 he told me to look
 into the eyes of the wolf
 and I would see
 a certain reflection.
Whenever I meditate on this,
 I never see my own reflection,
 but still cannot make out
 who I am,
 what I should be.
It is this blue wolf anthro
 that hides inside,
 afraid to come out
 into a world so different
 from his.
It is the art that
 drives me,
 satisfies me
 and gives me a reason
 to do better,
 to do more.
And how much further I must drive
 to meet the FurryBlueNaki
 within me,
 I am closer than I think
 to finding.

Mar. 27th, 2008

Bolt Intent

(no subject)

Ok, so I realized I don't know how to post images to LJ's server, so I've had to upload them offsite to my own server. Such is the case with the image below, which I found amusing. It's hyperlinked to the site where I found it. I didn't want to hotlink it on their site, so I just used my own. I've got a purchased account with LJ, so there's got to be a way to store files.

Neanderthal Technology

 Last night I had gymnastics, but didn't do too well. Though I wasn't sore for the week, when I got there, my right leg seemed to have a cramp in it, and would fail me when I tried to do the cartwheel or handstand roll. My abs hurt when I did some conditioning exercises. Needless to say I'd have been boring to watch. Toward the end, I had to sit out because no amount of stretching or attempts would make my leg work right. This morning, I had some pain trying to even put on my right shoe. I attribute it to needing more water, and needing protein shakes.

Before the class, I did probably about 15-30 mins of juggling the clubs. I'm improving slowly, up to 23 catches with the 3 clubs now.

Last night I got to chat with Silver McHowl and Ipequey. Both were meaningful to me. Though, I tend to find meaning in too many things, even when I should just let things be and not worry about them. I would have chatted longer, but it was around midnight when I went to bed.

This next poem I call Tired (written on 3/18/08), because I was worn out when I wrote it. My life sometimes tends to make me tired, though I get plenty of sleep. I'd like better formatting, but it seems LJ likes to strip out multi-spaces, and makes tabs into spaces.

I'm finding that sometimes
 my furry side will get to me;
 being tired and such
 from the late social nights.
All I want to do now is
 curl up at home and sleep,
 because that brings me comfort
 from this tired world;
 where even my poetry
 is beginning to lose cohesiveness.
Yet with each new day
I discover
 side of myself,
 that maybe
 I'm trying too hard
 to become my character
 when I should
 take that step back
 and ponder my place
 where I am
 and where I want to be.

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