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Bolt Intent

Happy New Year from Bolt and FurryBlueNaki

Just wanted to shout hey to everyone who reads my journal, and wish all of you a happy and healthy new year.

This year was a bit trying, economy and such, but Bolt makes it all worth it to me.

Life is short, so whatever is your passion, do not hold out on that. We tend to regret more the things we did not do than the things we did.

Life is beautiful, appreciate everything around you. What smells in nature, what colors have you failed to recognize in the past.

Pay attention, and you may learn something. Even nature has a sense of humor.



hey there! *hugs* glad to hear from you! Not seen ya online in a while! What's new?
Hey ipequey,

Doing a bit of self-exploration through meditation and other shamanic stuff, and a lot of drawing.

Haven't been too involved recently in the furry fandom. I've been practically obsessed with the movie Bolt.

Generally, more of a love of life than I had before. I guess I'm not as high-strung as I was in the past. I've learned to slow down and appreciate what's around me.

'Tis Kate from the Bolt community. I am typically nosy on LJ, and when I talk to someone, I generally take a look over at their journal. You are really cool, and have killer interests. Love your art. Anthros=love. ♥

I love your optimism for the new year! Beautiful.

Yay Disney and Bolt, especially. :)

Anyway, I'm done rambling. If you'd like to be LJ friends (or Facebook friends, if you have one) let me know! :D
Hey, thanks for checking out my page. I'll friend you in a moment. It wouldn't let me go to that other page behind a certain firewall.
No problem, Thomas!

Since you are a new friend, I just wanted to tell you I have introductory posts in my profile that are friends-locked, that help new friends know who I am.

You wanted to see some of my art, here is an INCOMPLETE portrait of the actor Henry Ian Cusick from LOST. :)



You certainly have talent. How long do portraits like that take you? I think I was a natural for portraits because I really didn't draw them much. Travolta was probably my 5th in my life.

I might start looking to coloring portraits in the future. Looks like we've got some excellent talent in the community. I don't know styles too well, so can't say how much yours compares with mine, but I think your shading is much smoother.

Re: Portraits

I appreciate your kind words, thank you.

I am all about smoothness when I draw, so you're probably right. :)

Oh, and I wanted to thank you again for your kind comments about my journal. It's nice to inspire people.

Like I said, if you want to talk, I have MSN Messenger. :]
Bolt Intent

April 2009

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