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Bolt Intent

Below contains some possible spoilers about Bolt which I just saw today, in 3D.

Just thought I’d send a few lines about my Bolt experience. Bolt was definitely more than I had expected. I thought the humor of the hamster Rhino would be overdone and corny, but it was actually quite good. The moonlit scene above the pound was perhaps the most beautiful, and Bolt had an amazing character about him. I really felt for him. Disney has the sense of emotion and canine mannerisms down pat.

It was a very heartwarming story, and I liked being taken through a variety of emotions. The fact there was a 2nd Bolt was very nice as well, and I really wanted to hug them both. When the 2nd Bolt ran off being scared, I did feel some concern as to his welfare.

At the end, when they zoomed out, I did feel a little sad it was over. I know it was a happy ending, but I can’t help feeling a little sadness. I guess cause there isn’t more of Bolt to see. I really like that he was able to finally be a dog, that was especially touching to me.

In all, definitely worth the extra for the 3D. I almost can’t imagine watching it without the 3D now. They could have done a few more popping out of the screen moments, but I liked how natural Bolt looked in the 3D. Even Penny, some scenes her hair just jumped out of the screen. Very nicely done. If they have the DVD in 3D, I’ll go for that, unless I have a Blu-Ray player by then, which I will go for that version. I really hope to see a making of. The animators are some of the luckiest people. I know they worked their asses off to get there. John Lasseter has perhaps the best job in the world.

Even now, I'm still somewhat affixed to Bolt's world. I loved the 2nd Bolt very much too. Still a little sad it's over. I can't imagine they won't release it also in 3D. A bit money pot here. Easily one of my favorite movies of all time. Right now, I'm still absorbed in the Bolt-Space of this film, so can't think of much else than the feelings it covers over me.



Usually when they release 3D movies for the home, though, they rely on crappy red/blue lenses, rather than polarized lenses like you use in the theatres.. and that would kinda suck D:
I'm almost pretty sure they'll stick to the same glasses I had in the theater, particularly because:

1) They contracted with Real D, a 3rd party for doing the 3D.
2) Those blue/green anigraph glasses are a thing of the past, and tended to give people headaches and such.
3) This was Disney's first movie they planned from beginning to end totally in 3D.
4) Going to just blue/green would require them to redo the rendering of the whole film. Though you said there have been times in the past where they did change, so not sure here.

So I hope they still use the theater glasses. Those were rather nice. I'm sure the boxed set will have some glasses, so I hope they're as good as this.

Heck, if Blu-Ray has both versions, which I hope, that would be great, because come to think of it, I'd see the 2D version as well.

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Bolt Intent

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